Ahmet Avinal (METU/1972), working in construction sector since 1972, had decided to aggregate his personal construction experiences under a software to serve construction companies, and developed Avinal ERP which is the only sector specific ERP Software by 2000. This is an integrated software for accessing any data for a proper management of the construction. As this software depends on the extensive experience on construction sector, is not solely a software but an aggregation of professional solutions and professional culture.
The technical details and the philosophy of the software can be found on www.avinal.com website. One specific property of the software is working in cooperation with well known CPM softwares such as Primavera - Suretrak - Microsoft Project. Else it can cooperate with Allplan, 3D architectural design software, LOGO, LINK, ETA, some well known accounting softwares, SAP a very well known institutional ERP software.
Though Avinal ERP has nearly all report types that a construction company may need during project management, it engages to add some special reports requested by the company maximum in 24 hours time. Though the software develops everyday by the developing technological systems, construction methods, and request of construction companies, today the software is composed from the following modules.
1. Offer, BoQ, Progress Payment Module
Preparation of offer estimate, progress payment depending on executed works, comparison of executed works with the BoQ, preparation of work orders derived from work schedule, determination of resources needed, comparison of resources needed and stocks in warehouse and etc.
2. Unit Price Module
Determination of the cost of the both direct and indirect resources, overhead and etc.
3. Analysis Module
Preparation of detailed production analysis with estimated resources and etc.
4. Quantity Survey Module
Preparation of quantity survey with the location from where survey derived and etc.
5. Link to Primavera
Developing Primavera File directly from Avinal ERP software in a very very detailed manner. The BoQ items are separated to the locations with their resources needed to be executed and all these resources with their costs are forwarded to Primavera even without opening Primavera. The planning engineer only determines the constraints of the activity which is the main job description of a planning engineer.
6. Primavera Tracking Module
Updating of the Primavera depending on the executed works without opening the file in primavera.
7. Cost Accounting Module
Each money spend about project is loaded to this module with the credit account, debit account cost centre, stock code, activity code and etc. With these details loaded to the system, many reports which none of them is considered in any accounting software can be derived. Daily, weekly or monthly detailed cost reports can be derived from this module. This module works with three different kind of currency, one currency of the contract, second currency of the country the company belongs and third an international currency such as Euro or USD.
8. Warehouse Module
All the items in the warehouse, how many have entered, how many have given to the subcontractors, how many have been sent to site with the activity to be used, how many of them is in debit, how many still remain in the warehouse, the average cost of each item and etc.
9. Fixtures and Maintenance Module
List of all fixtures, maintenance period of each plant, equipment, the maintenance history of each plant and etc.
10. Procurement Module
A very detailed procurement module comparing each claim with the warehouse records and work schedule resource histogram, very complicated approval system having the right to approve or reject or approving with a determining the highest cost to purchase, forwarding to directly procurement team or head office and etc.
11. Time Keeping Module
Each person's, equipments working hour with the activity executed by each person is loaded to this module to determine the efficiency of the team. Besides at any time the cost of the person and equipment can be calculated easily.
12. Human Resources Module
Preparing ID cards, with the title of the people, preparing any kind of governmental report, and etc
13. Production Module
Any production plant (such as asphalt plant, crushing plant) is tracked from this module. The item produced and the resources used is determined in this module and compared with the amount needed in the schedule and used on site.
14. Concrete Production Module
The data coming from the concrete batching plant is directly loaded to the software and the locations are determined in the software. So it becomes very easy to compare the planned concrete amount to be used with the amount used and the material resources used for the production and etc.
15. Monitoring and Evaluation Module
Every single work executed on site with the code of the team/subcontractor is loaded to this section with the percentage executed. So it becomes very easy to calculate the total executed works up to date and the remaining works and cost of them. In this module many very detailed efficiency report can be derived. The proper use of each resource no matter material, equipment or man can be determined. Daily, weekly or monthly detailed site reports can be derived from this module.
16. Budget, cash flow, forecasting module
This module is the result of all above modules and the most important module of the system. All you planned and executed come out here. In a very detailed (in each resource base), the planned and the executed can be compared and the cost of them can be compared. At the total also the planned cost, the actual cost, the payment terms, the income (If desired by the employer) can be compared the variations can easily be determined and the reason for the variations can be addressed from the above modules. Many very detailed reports such as "Comparison of What we execute - What we spend" can be derived from this module. Depending on the executed works and sunk money, a very accurate forecasting report forecasting the estimated completion date and cost with the percent variation from the planned can be derived, the payment terms can be determined according to the executed cash flow and etc.

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