The first thing to be considered in selecting the ERP Service Company to check whether the language of the ERP Service Company and your company is the same, which means whether the ERP service Company has the enough experience in your sector. The thing not to be forgotten is ERP Service Companies is not selling just the ERP softwares. They also share the great experience gained over many years in your sector.
Sector specific ERP software is not a solely software, but also an aggregation of the experience, a culture, and a professional solution. As each sector and the company has its own specific needs, it is the best way to work with an ERP company with proved success, great experience in your sector.
Before selecting the ERP Company, the company has to analysis their processes and has to select the appropriate ERP Company solving these processes properly. The best solution is to select the ERP Company whose ERP software can be tailored to your business.

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