ERP Systems are the centralized management and control tools. Software sector trend to more detailed solutions with the aid of developing IT such as Remote Desktop Connection, in recent years. If we consider the banking world, in 1980's in branches customer operations were tracked on indexed card files by hand writing, whereas today after many development, such as internal networks inside branches later online network systems between all branches and the head office of the banks, with the aid of the internet all customer personnel computers are integrated to the banking systems. During this period in the Corporate ERP solutions were developed, especially cooperates in holding structures, ERP solutions especially containing stock, accounting and financial data were raised.
Besides detailed Cooperate ERP solutions, such as SAP, ORACLE, BAAN, AXAPTA, many widely used accounting softwares began to treat themselves as ERP Solutions. The most significant result of this period is the confusion of the concepts which have to be described under management. Many customers are confused with this many and different ERP Solutions. They can't realize that the ERP solution that they need is a their sector specific ERP Solution which is developed by the professionals from the sector and which controls all of the data created due to the processes applied in the sector. This confusion results with choosing the wrong way by treating process management or document management softwares as ERP solutions.
It is not recognized that a corporate ERP solution suitable for a Holding structure may not be a suitable solution for the construction company under the umbrella of the Holding.
Here it is not mentioned that Corporate ERP solutions are not the proper solutions. Cooperates executing specific works have to care to choose a sector specific ERP solution which can integrate with the centralized ERP solution that the parent company is using. As a brief the companies prior preference must be to choose an ERP system tailored specifically to their sector.

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