PYO - Project Management Office, serving to both investors in construction market, contractors, subcontractors, on International based Construction Sector Specific Project Management Systems (ERP) was founded by;
Ahmet Avinal - Architect/METU
He has 38 years of construction sector experience. Worked as Project Manager upto 1983, Contractor from 1983 to 1991 and as a Project Management Consultant from 1991 to present. He is also the founder of Avinal Software and Consultancy Company. He is the developer of the Avinal ERP ( , the only construction specific ERP which depends of professional experience of many project managers and which has been used many construction companies in their important projects. Besides consulting many construction companies both in their domestic and abroad projects, he is giving lectures in Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Contraction Management Graduate Program.

Mesut Huriel - PMP - Civil Engineer/METU
He has 17 years construction sector experience. Worked as project coordinator in building and road projects in Libya with an approximate value of 215.000.000 USD, Technical Manager in Road projects in Afghanistan with an approximate value of 65.000.000 USD and Project Manager and Technical Manager in building and infrastructure projects in Turkey with an approximate value of 145.000.000 USD. He has PMP (Project Management Professional) Credential obtained from PMI (Project Management Institute).
Engineers, architects and administrative staff, educated and appointed to key responsibilities in major projects by Avinal Software and Consultancy Company since 1991 are now ready to participate to the PYO projects with their advance experience.

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