Preparation of Master Plan/Road to Completion Report.
Coordination of the drawings.
Updating the scope after each change in the design no matter its minor or major.
Detailing the activities according to their properties, preparing the specifications, preparing the tender documents and collecting the bids for selecting the expert subcontractors.
Preparing detailed reports for selecting the subcontractors.

Revising the Master Plan/Road to Completion Report depending on the result of the tender phase.
The preparation of the work plan by subcontractors. (With the activities set by us)
Supervision of work according to the work schedule.
Production Quality Control
Risk Analysis
The preparation of progress payment
The preparation of "As-built" drawings and attachments by the contractor.
Contract and correspondence Management.
Coordination amongst consultant groups (Design, Construction Supervision, Contractor)
Coordination and control of subcontractors for proper work according to the work schedule.
Protecting the rights of the Employer and solving the problems arise between the Employer and the Subcontractor before the subject gets into a forensic road.
Doing best to get a project final with the lowest cost, shortest duration and highest quality.

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