Examination of the tender documents.
Examination of the scope and distributing the quantities according to the locations to be executed.
Site visit.
Developing the scenario.
Determining the costs.
Determining the cash flow.
Coordination of the application drawings.
Updating scope depending on the any change in the drawings.
Preparation of the production analysis.
Determination of the total manpower, equipment power and material depending on the analysis.
Determination of the indirect costs.
Determination of the cost of the each resource.
Developing the final scenario and preparation of a resource loaded work schedule.
Distribution of the manpower, equipment power and material according to work schedule and graphic representation of this distribution.
Distribution of the indirect costs according to the work schedule and graphic representation of this distribution.
Developing the coordination process according to the work schedule.
Determining the final cash flow.
Developing the needed graphics.
Developing the management team.
Developing the team for getting the data from site.
Loading the data coming from site to the system, evaluating and reporting.
Preparing reports showing the harmony of the executed work with the planned work, sunk money with the cost of the executed work, and spend time with the schedule,
Preparing Earned Value reports showing the forecasting depending on the executed work. (For example evaluating the works executed up to now, money spend up to now and time spent up to now, the project will be completed 18 % cheaper/expensive or 12 % early/late than planned),
Updating the work schedule daily according the executed work,
Analyzing the result of every update on schedule, on the manpower, equipment power and resources,
Reporting the problems that may raise in near future with their possible solutions,
Preparing payment certificates of subcontractors depending on the executed work,
Preparing performance reports of all teams, updating the analysis according to the performance reports and checking the cost and time of the project according to the revised analysis,
Preparing closing reports and lessons learned documents to be used in the next project.

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